Eppendorf - Galaxy® 48 R - Small CO2 Incubator


Eppendorf - Galaxy® 48 R - Small CO2 Incubator



Product Information
Small CO2 incubator – Galaxy® 48 R

The small benchtop Galaxy® 48 R CO2 incubator from Eppendorf offers a high usable volume to footprint ratio (no fan inside), is stackable and ideally suited for small labs and personal workspaces. It is also a solid choice for cell culture experiments that need a high level of isolation. Easy cleaning and reliable contamination protection is ensured by a seamless chamber, fanless design, and 120 °C disinfection.

CO2 incubator for small cell culture labs, limited space, or personal workspaces

Is the space in your cell culture lab limited? Do you only need to handle a few samples? Or are you looking for a small CO2 incubator for your personal workspace?
The total volume of 48 L or 1.7 ft3, the high usable volume, and the small footprint (48.3 × 47.5 × 64.5 cm / 19.0 × 18.7 × 25.4 in (W x D x H) of the Galaxy 48 R CO2 incubator make it ideal for cell culture labs with limited space or number of samples, as well as for personal workspaces.