Eppendorf Fast PCR Tube Strips - PCR Strips With Caps


Eppendorf Fast PCR Tube Strips - PCR Strips With Caps



Product Information
Since 1963, when Eppendorf invented the microcentrifuge tube, Eppendorf tubes have shown to be reliable companions in scientists’ daily work. The Fast PCR Tube Strip allows scientists using fast cyclers (such as the Mastercycler® X50) and fast enzymes to obtain higher PCR yield. The polyethylene tubes transfer heat rapidly from the block to the sample, allowing better control over the reaction.

Each tube strip consists of eight 0.1 mL PCR tubes and you can choose between PCR strips with caps or without caps. The strips are suitable for both endpoint PCR and qPCR applications and its open format ensure broad compatibility for easy adoption. Eppendorf Tube Strips can be sterilized by autoclaving for 20 minutes at 121 °C.

All Eppendorf Cap Strips are ‘PCR clean’, having been batch-tested and certified by an independent laboratory to be free of a range of common PCR contaminants, including DNA, DNAse, RNAse, and PCR inhibitors. With twin.tec PCR plates you’ll have maximum confidence in your results.