Eppendorf - Combitips® advanced - Positive Displacement Pipette Tips


Eppendorf - Combitips® advanced - Positive Displacement Pipette Tips



Your tip of choice when working with Multipette® multi-dispenser pipettes from Eppendorf
Thanks to their revolutionary design, Combitips advanced dispenser tips provide you with many benefits for work in a modern laboratory. With an integrated piston, they function according to the positive displacement principle and ensure that the correct volume of liquid is dispensed regardless of the physical properties of the liquid you work with (e.g., viscosity, volatility, density, temperature). You can therefore achieve high-precision dispensing, independent of the flow characteristics of the liquid, and safely work with radioactive or toxic materials due to the hermetically sealed piston that prevents aerosol contamination.

Eppendorf pioneered the Multipette/Combitips multi-dispenser system in 1978 and improved it several times since. It was the very first pipetting system allowing users to fill the tip once and dispense multiple times. The concept remains a driver for efficient liquid handling and a staple in many labs working with plates or series of tubes.

How can you recognize an original Combitip from Eppendorf?

Unmistakeably Eppendorf: All original Combitips advanced feature a “ring” of drop-shaped relief elements on the edge of the tip crown.