µ-Slide แบบ 6 ช่องสำหรับทำงาน flow assays และสำหรับ immonofluorescence

A 6 channel μ-Slide suitable for flow experiments and for immunofluorescence assays



Outer dimensions (w x l)75.5 x 25.5 mm²
AdaptersFemale Luer
Number of channels6
Channel volume40 µl
Channel height0.54 mm
Channel length17 mm
Channel width3.8 mm
Volume per reservoir60 µl
Height with/without lid8.8 mm/7.6 mm
Growth area0.6 cm² per channel
Coating area using 40 µl1.2 cm² per channel
Bottom: Glass coverslip No. 1.5H, selected quality, 170 µm +/- 5 µm

Technical Features

All-in-One-Chamber for Fast Immunofluorescence Protocols

Application Example: PAINT Super-Resolution Microscopy of B Cells

Super-resolution PAINT microscopy of fixed B cells in the µ-Slide VI 0.5 Glass Bottom, using a TIRF microscope. LifeAct-Cy3B was used to visualize the F-actin cytoskeleton. Objective lens: Nikon CFI SR HP Apochromat TIRF 100x Oil immersion, NA=1.49. Courtesy of Massive Photonics GmbH (www.massive-photonics.com).

ibidi Polymer Coverslip vs. ibidi Glass Bottom

ibidi Polymer Coverslipibidi Glass Bottom
Optical properties
Refractive index (nD 589 nm)1.521.52
Abbe number5655
Thickness#1.5 (180 µm)#1.5H (170 µm)
MaterialMicroscopy plasticD 263M Schott borosilicate glass
TransmissionVery high (even ultraviolet)High (ultraviolet restrictions)
Birefringence (DIC)Low (DIC compatible*)Low (DIC compatible*)
Other aspects
Surface modificationsibiTreat – tissue culture treated
Uncoated – hydrophobic
Only glass
Protein coatingsCompatibleCompatible
Gas permeableYesNo
Material flexibilityHighLow
ApplicationsFluorescence microscopyTIRF and single photon