chamber slide สำหรับเลี้ยงเซลล์ พื้นสไลด์ทำจากวัสดุ Polymer coverslip สำหรับงานถ่ายภาพเซลล์, งานอิมมูโนฟลูออเรสเซนต์ และการถ่ายภาพด้วยกล้องจุลทรรศน์ความละเอียดสูง ยี่ห้อ ibidi

A chambered coverslip with 1 large well for live cell imaging, immunofluorescence, and high-resolution microscopy



Outer dimensions (w x l)25.5 x 75.5 mm²
Number of wells1
Dimensions of well (w x l x h)21.8 x 48.8 x 9.3 mm³
Volume per well3 ml
Total height with/without lid10.8/9.5 mm
Growth area per well10.6 cm²
Coating area per well14.6 cm²
Bottom: ibidi Polymer Coverslip

Technical Drawing

Technical Features

The Principle of the µ-Slide 1 Well

The Coverslip Bottom

The µ-Slide 1 Well comes with a thin ibidi Polymer Coverslip Bottom that has the highest optical quality (comparable to glass) and is ideally suitable for high-resolution microscopy. It is also available as a µ-Slide 1 Well Glass Bottom for special microscopic applications.

Find more information and technical details about the coverslip bottom of the ibidi chambers here.

The ibiTreat Surface

ibiTreat (tissue culture-treated) is our most recommended surface modification, because almost all adherent cells grow well on it without the need for any additional coating.