Eppendorf - CellXpert® C170 - Cell Culture Incubator


Eppendorf - CellXpert® C170 - Cell Culture Incubator



CellXpert – a new family of Eppendorf CO2 incubators

CellXpert® C170i or C170 cell culture incubator – What is the best choice for your needs?

The C170 is the more economical, basic version of the C170i. If you need, e.g. more future flexibility, O2 control, copper interior, humidity monitoring, advanced documentation, user management, or if you have a requirement for 180 °C disinfection – the C170i is recommended.Contamination prevention – If it’s easy to do, it’s more likely to get done

Prevention of lab downtime and sample loss is essential for you to deliver cell culture results in time? You cannot afford to spend too much time and money on standardized cleaning of your cell culture incubator or on changing costly, non-sterilizable, fan-associated HEPA-filters? The CellXpert C170 cell culture incubator supports you with:

› Integrated 140 °C high temperature disinfection
› Minimal internal parts can be removed in 40 s and wiped quickly
› Nowhere to hide for contaminants and cleaned fast: Smooth, seamless incubator chamber
› No fan or non-sterilizable fan-associated HEPA-filters that can become potential contamination sources
› Option for 4-segmented inner door for added protection