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Smart Slide

8 channel chamber สำหรับการนับเซลล์ ด้วย the Roche Cedex® XS Analyzer



8 channel chamber สำหรับการนับเซลล์ ด้วย the Roche Cedex® XS Analyzer

  • การนับและการวิเคราะห์เซลล์ที่ง่ายและรวดเร็ว

An 8 channel cell counting chamber compatible with the Roche Cedex® XS Analyzer

  • Replaces the former Roche product Cedex Smart Slide package (15 x 8 measurements) (05 650 801 001)
  • Fast and easy cell counting and analysis
  • Pcs./Box: 15 (individually packed)


  • Analysis of up to 8 samples on one slide using the Roche Cedex® XS Analyzer
  • Determination of cell concentration and viability, diameter of detected objects, size and number of aggregates, and cell growth rates

Technical Features:

  • Smart Slides are sterilized and individually wrapped to ensure integrity and prevent contamination
  • ibiTreat surface for convenient liquid filling
  • Channel height of 200 µm with an actual sample volume of 0.78 µl using the Roche Cedex® XS Analyzer


Slide dimensions:25.6 x 75.7 mm²
Total height:1.61 mm
Number of channels: 8
Volume of each channel:20 µl *
Height of channels:0.2 mm
Length of channels:15.45 mm
Width of channels:3.45 mm
Bottom: ibidi Polymer Coverslip (ibiTreat)

Fast and easy filling—20 µl sample volume.
* The geometrical channel volume is 10 µl. We recommend using 20 µl for easy channel filling. This has no effect on the cell count output.

Cedex® XS Analyzer

The Smart Slide was developed in cooperation with Roche Innovatis AG for the Cedex® XS Cell Analyzer. The Smart Slide is identical with the former Roche product Cedex® Smart Slide package (15 x 8 measurements) (Roche order number: 05 650 801 001).

The Cedex® XS Analyzer combines fast results with a high image quality. Just 20 µl samples are required for a single analysis. In addition to cell concentration and cell viability, cell diameter and aggregate analysis are performed and displayed using histograms.

CEDEX® and INNOVATIS are trademarks of Roche Diagnostics.