ibidi : micro-Insert 4 Well in µ-Dish 35 mm, high

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micro-Insert 4 Well in µ-Dish 35 mm, high

จานเพาะเลี้ยงเซลล์ขนาด 35 มม. ชนิดขอบสูง พร้อมช่องแบ่งขนาดเล็กแบบ 4 ช่อง




จานเพาะเลี้ยงเซลล์พร้อมซิลิโคนแบบ 4 ช่อง – สำหรับการถ่ายภาพแบบ live cell ทั้งเซลล์เกาะติดและเซลล์แขวนลอย

  • สำหรับการใช้กล้องจุลทรรศน์ในระยะยาว
  • การเพาะเลี้ยงเซลล์จำนวนที่น้อยโดยปราศจากการระเหย
  • ใน well มีลักษณะคล้ายรูปทรงกรวยเพื่อการมองภาพที่ยอดเยี่ยม
  • มีเทคโนโลยี ibiTreat surface เพื่อการเจริญเติบโตของเซลล์ในอุดมคติ

A 4-well silicone insert for live cell imaging of both adherent and suspension cells

  • Allows long-term microscopy assays of single cells 
  • Cultivation of small numbers of cells without evaporation risks
  • Conical wells for superb optical quality
  • Individual inserts for single experiments
  • Ideal cell growth on ibiTreat surface
  • Surface Modification: ibiTreat: #1.5 polymer coverslip, tissue culture treated, sterilized
    Pcs./Box: 30 (individually packed)
    Product Variation: in µ-Dish 35 mm, high



Number of wells4
Dimensions of wells (w x l) in mm2.0 x 1.5
(digital format 4:3)
Diameter of the complete insert12 mm
Height of the complete insert4.2 mm
Volume per well10 µl
Growth area per well0.03 cm2
Coating area per well0.23 cm2
MaterialBiocompatible silicone
BottomNo bottom – sticky underside

Technical Features

  • Four small 2.0 mm x 1.5 mm microscopy wells with a 4:3 digital format
  • Suspension cells cannot escape the observation field
  • Adhesive underside
  • Transferable to any flat clean surface
  • No material is left behind upon the insert’s removal
  • Includes a rim for easy handling of the insert with tweezers

Product Selection Guide

4 Well FulTrac
Single cells20x Objective lens for full well
coverageHigh resolution fluorescence
4 Well
Few cells4x Objective lens for full well
coverageHigh resolution fluorescence

Cross Section

Ideal Coverage using Digital Imaging with CCD Cameras

3D Application

Possible Filling Procedures

Minor Well Filling

  • Minimal volume
  • Individual wells

Whole Insert Filling

  • Moderate volume
  • Wells connected by medium

Whole µ-Dish Filling

  • Maximum volume
  • Maximum experimental duration

Evaporation Barrier

Possible Further Applications

Co-Cultivation Assays

Coating patches (spots) with proteins

hydrophilic protein spots on hydrophobic, uncoated µ-Dish

Stem Cell Differentiation Assays

ibidi has developed several products for long-term cell cultivation of up to several weeks. Constant cell culture conditions are very important for stem cell differentiation studies.

Working with the micro-Insert 4 Well and the micro-Insert 4 Well FulTrac facilitates the handling of just a few initial cells. Using a volume of only 10 µl, the cells can be followed with the microscope for an extended period of time. In combination with our Heating & Incubation System, cell fate determination is possible directly on your microscope.


With ibidi‘s specially designed walls in both, the micro-Insert 4 Well and the micro-Insert 4 Well FulTrac, stem cells can be successfully followed during their differentiation, because the cells cannot “hide” near sharp edges like the wall. The system is long-term stable for days or weeks of stem cell cultivation.

4 Well FulTrac
4 Well