ibidi : sticky-Slide 18 Well

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ibidi : Sticky slide 18 well

แผ่นกาวสำหรับสร้างหลุมการทดลองบนสไดล์ชนิด 18 หลุม



แผ่นกาวสำหรับสร้างหลุมการทดลองบนสไดล์ชนิด 18 หลุม

An 18 well bottomless µ-Slide with a self-adhesive underside, which allows chosen substrates to be mounted

  • Versatile: permits the mounting of a variety of bottom materials
  • Provides an open well format for cell culture applications on any custom surface
  • Enables the preparation of 18 samples in parallel
  • Pcs./Box: 15 (individually packed)


  • Housing for various cell culture applications
  • Usable with a range of bottom materials, such as plastic sheets, silicon chips, circuit boards, glass coverslips, and glass slides


Outer dimensions (w x l)25.5 x 75.5 mm²
Number of wells18
Dimensions of wells (w x l x h)5.7 x 6.1 x 6.8 mm³
Volume per well100 µl
Height with/without lid8.2 / 6.8 mm
Growth area per well0.34 cm²
Coating area per well1.15 cm²
Bottom: none

Technical Drawing

Technical drawings and details are available in the Instructions (PDF).

Technical Features

  • Bottomless slide
  • Self-adhesive underside
  • Biocompatible, cell culture-tested adhesive
  • Adheres to all flat surfaces, even wet surfaces
  • Sterile packaging
  • Suitable glass or polymer glass or polymer coverslips available
  • Coverslips removable with acetone
  • Specifications identical to those of the µ-Slide 18 Well, except that it comes without a bottom

Application Example

The sticky-Slide 18 Well can be used to house a glass coverslip with surface functionalization.