Stage Top Incubator สำหรับการสร้างภาพเซลล์แบบสดอย่างง่ายบนไมโครสโคปแบบหัวกลับ : Universal Fit พร้อมการควบคุม CO2 และ O2

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Stage Top Incubator for easy live cell imaging on inverted microscopes: Universal Fit with CO2 and Ocontrol

System Components

ibidi Heating System, Universal Fit, for 1 Chamber – Blue Line (10918)

ibidi Gas Incubation System for CO2 and O2 – Blue Line (11922)


Live cell imaging that requires incubator conditions on the microscope, for example:

High-resolution imaging applications, for example:

Live cell imaging using the ibidi Stage Top Incubation System shows the gap closure of MCF7 cells in a wound healing assay.

ibidi’s Patented Humidity Control

Cells react very sensitively to changes in medium components, such as salts and nutrients. Any evaporation from the cell culture vessels increases the substance concentration in the medium in an undefined way. To create reproducible experimental conditions, evaporation—caused by too low humidity—from cell culture vessels during live cell imaging experiments should be absolutely avoided.

The ibidi Humidity Control ensures a constant and very high relative humidity (RH) level inside the ibidi Stage Top Incubator—identical to the conditions in standard cell culture incubators. This unique and patent-protected technology actively humidifies the gas mixture in a fast and reliable way before it enters the Stage Top Incubator.

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What Makes the ibidi Humidity Control Special?

Stable and Homogeneous Temperature

Stable and consistent temperature distribution in the µ-Slide VI 0.4 (left) and the µ-Slide 8 Well (right) during incubation in the ibidi Stage Top Incubation System. Images were acquired with a FLIR thermal camera.

System Overview

System Components

Find a detailed description of the ibidi Stage Top Incubator components including their specifications and compatibilities here:

ibidi Heating System, Universal Fit, for 1 Chamber – Blue Line (10918)

ibidi Gas Incubation System
for CO2 and O2 – Blue Line

Live Cell Imaging: Establish in Vivo-Like Conditions on the Microscope

Cells react sensitively to changes in their environment. Factors such as temperature, humidity, and CO2/O2 levels significantly influence the outcome of cell culture assays. It is therefore crucial to precisely maintain the optimal conditions throughout the whole live cell imaging experiment.

The ibidi Stage Top Incubation Systems are available for one slide/dish (Universal Fit) and for multiwell plates (K-Frame). They allow for the accurate and reliable control of temperature, CO2 and O2 concentration, and relative humidity during short-term and long-term live cell imaging assays on any inverted microscope.

If additional control of the oxygen level is needed (e.g., in hypoxia experiments), the ibidi Stage Top Incubation Systems, CO2/O2 are the ideal solution.

With fast and precise regulation of important environmental parameters, the ibidi Stage Top Incubators provide stable conditions for live cell imaging directly on the microscope.

Brilliant Images Without Condensation

The Heated Lid of the ibidi Heating System reliably prevents condensation, which can reduce the imaging quality during live cell microscopy.

By heating the lid to a temperature higher than the plate, a vertical temperature gradient is created. This gradient, plus the humidity control, prevent lid condensation of the cell culture dish. The required temperature of the cell environment is constantly maintained.