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ibidi Gas Incubation System, CO2/O2 - Silver Line

ระบบบ่มแก๊ซด้วยก๊าซคาร์บอนไดออกซ์ และก๊าซออกซิเจน แบบ Silver Line



ระบบบ่มแก๊ซด้วยก๊าซคาร์บอนไดออกซ์ และก๊าซออกซิเจน แบบ Silver Line

A gas mixer for long-term live cell imaging applications with precise, active humidity control and CO2/O2 regulation

System includes:


The ibidi Gas Incubation System is ideal for live cell imaging experiments that require physiologic conditions on the microscope.

Combined with the ibidi Heating System, it serves as a complete Stage Top Incubator, precisely controlling essential parameters such as temperature, humidity, and CO2/O2 levels on the microscope to get reproducible results of, for example:


ibidi Gas Mixer – Silver Line
Operating humidityMax. 80% relative humidity
Operating temperature18–30°C/64–86°F
Dimensions90 x 170 x 230 mm³
Weight2230 g / 4.9 lbs
External power supplyAC 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.4 A
Humidifying Column
Operating humidityMax. 80% relative humidity
Dimensions70 x 110 x 300 mm³
CO2 Control
Control range0–15%
O2 Control
Control range1–21% (settings below 1% are less accurate, a typical minimum value in an ibidi Incubation Chamber is 0.5% O2)
Flow Control Mixed Gas
Control range0–20 l/h
Humidity Control
Control range20–99% relative humidity (lower limit is dependent on environment and gas supply, minimum set humidity is 0%)
Gas Supply (Input)
Pressurized air1 bar / 14.5 psi optimum
(0.4–1.2 bar / 5.8–17.4 psi)
CO21 bar / 14.5 psi optimum
(0.8–1.2 bar / 11.6–17.4 psi)
N21 bar / 14.5 psi optimum
(0.8–1.2 bar / 11.6–17.4 psi)
Tubing for all gases
(supplied with the system)
PUR/PUN tubing
4 mm inner diameter
6 mm outer diameter
1 mm wall thickness

Technical Features

  • Precise and reliable gas incubation for CO2 and O2
  • Prevents evaporation inside the Incubation Chamber by active, feedback-controlled humidity regulation (ibidi’s patented Humidity Control)
  • Uses pressurized air to create the gas flow (no vibrations)
  • Optional Air Pressure Generator available (for when pressurized air is not obtainable)
  • Can be combined with the ibidi Heating System to create a complete Stage Top Incubator for long-term physiologic conditions on the microscope with controlled temperature, humidity, CO2, and O2
  • Also available: ibidi Gas Incubation System CO2 – Silver Line without O2 regulation
  • Humidity measurement close to the sample
  • Including IncuControl software for instrument control and data recording via a notebook

The Principle of the ibidi Gas Incubation System – Silver Line

Cells react sensitively to changes in their environment. Factors such as temperature, humidity/evaporation, and CO2/O2 levels significantly influence the outcome of cell culture assays. To achieve biologically relevant and reproducible results, it is crucial to maintain optimal conditions on the microscope stage during live cell imaging experiments.

The ibidi Gas Incubation System provides humid and CO2-rich air for stage-top incubators like the ibidi Heating System. It consists of the ibidi Gas Mixer – Silver Line and the Humidifying Column. The gas mixture is continuously flushed through the stage top incubator, ensuring maximum humidity and an optimal pH for bicarbonate-buffered liquids.

For hypoxia assays, the ibidi Gas Incubation System CO2/O2 – Silver Line allows for the precise control of the oxygen levels in your cell culture vessel. The ambient O2 level can be controlled within a range of 1%–21%, and easily adapted to the experimental requirements.

For full control of the incubation environment, ibidi offers Stage Top Incubators, which combine the ibidi Heating System and the ibidi Gas Incubation System, to regulate humidity, temperature, CO2, and (optionally) O2 concentrations.

Preventing Evaporation With ibidi’s Patented Humidity Control


The ratio of dry gas and humidified gas is determined by the actual and preset humidity, and controlled by a feedback mechanism. In a steady-state system (e.g., when both the set and the actual RH are 90%), a mixture of humidified and dry gas enters the ibidi Stage Top Incubator.

Cell behavior is strongly influenced by changes in medium components, such as salts and nutrients. Any evaporation from the cell culture vessels increases the substance concentration in the medium in an undefined way. Therefore, creating ideal humidity conditions—especially during live cell imaging—helps avoid evaporation and leads to reproducible experimental conditions.

The ibidi Gas Incubation System uses the patent-protected ibidi Humidity Control. The unique technology actively humidifies the gas mixture in a fast and reliable way before it enters the stage top incubator. This feedback-controlled mechanism ensures a constant and very high relative humidity (RH) level inside the stage top incubator—identical to the conditions in standard cell culture incubators.

Using the ibidi Humidity Control reliably prevents evaporation in the stage top incubator, which is one of the keys to artifact-free results in live cell imaging.

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What Makes the ibidi Humidity Control Special?

Oxygen Depletion / Hypoxia

The oxygen (O2) concentration at normal atmospheric pressure is around 20–21%. However, the O2 levels in healthy body tissues and our blood are much lower. Variations in the oxygen concentration are part of the normal body system, ranging from 14% in the alveoli to 5% in peripheral tissues.

The oxygen levels can be even lower in pathological situations (hypoxia). Hypoxia especially occurs in tumor tissue, which is characterized by markedly low O2 levels that range from approximately 4% to a minimum of below 0.5%.

The ibidi Gas Incubation System CO2/O2 – Silver Line allows for the precise control of oxygen levels in the incubation chamber between 1% to 21%, creating an ideal solution for live cell imaging experiments under hypoxic conditions.

McKeown SR (2014) Defining normoxia, physoxia and hypoxia in tumours-implications for treatment response. Br J Radiol 87(1035):20130676. 10.1259/bjr.20130676.
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O2 partial pressure in several tissue types
(1 kPa ≙ 1 % in gas mix ≙ 7.5 mm Hg).

The Components of the ibidi Gas Incubation System CO2/O2 – Silver Line

ibidi Gas Mixer – Silver LineUnique, patented technology for active humidification of the gas mixture in a fast and reliable wayHumidity can be smoothly adapted to experimental needsUses pressurized air to create the gas flow without vibrationsAvailable as a CO2 and a CO2/O2 versionHumidifying ColumnHumidifies the outgoing CO2 / O2 / air mix to prevent sample evaporationHumidification by regulated air flow through the heated water columnHeated column and tube minimize condensation inside the Incubation ChamberAir Pressure Generator
(optional, not included)To be used when pressurized air is not availableReady to use with the ibidi Gas Incubation SystemAvailable for different electric specifications