ibidi : Freezing Medium Classic



A cell freezing medium for standard cell lines

Technical Features:


Application AreaStandard cell lines
High ThroughputNo
Serum ReplacementBovine Serum Albumin
AppearanceOptically clear
Storage of product4 °C

High Recovery Rate 12 Months After Freezing:

Before freezing

ibidi Freezing Medium Classic

Three different cell lines before freezing and 12 months after. The cells were stored at -80°C.

Very Effective Cryoprotection Shown in Selected Cell Tests:

Survival rateP3U1 (mouse
myeloma cell line)
K526 (human
leukemia cell line)
(mouse hybridoma)
Human gastric
epithelial cells
ibidi Freezing Medium Classic95 %73 %100 %100 %
Serum Medium95 %70 %100 %62 %
Serum-free Medium70 %60 %92 %56 %
Storage period1 year1 year1 year10 months