Leica Biosystems – HistoCore Arcadia H 

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (W x D x H): 636 mm x 560 mm x 384 mm
Weight: 27 kg
Operating temperatures: 50°C to 75°C
Removable tray: approx. 150 cassettes
Paraffin tank: max 4 L
Environmental operating temperature: 20°C to + 30°C
Power supply: 110 – 120 V AC, 220 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Overvoltage Category: II
Power consumption: 1000 VA max

HistoCore Arcadia H – Heated Paraffin Embedding Station

We know how important embedding is for you, so we designed the HistoCore Arcadia H heated embedding workstation to meet your needs.

The HistoCore Arcadia H allows for simple operation and precise control; resulting in a smooth workflow, reliability, and speed of your embedding work.
Features include wrist pads for comfort and stability; a newly designed magnifier for small biopsy embedding; and an LCD touchscreen for intuitive control and monitoring of the instrument.

Modular System
The HistoCore Arcadia modular tissue embedding system incorporates two independent products, the Arcadia H heated embedding workstation and the Arcadia C cold plate. This gives you the flexibility to arrange the embedding workflow in a direction that accommodates your laboratory needs.

Smooth Workflow
The symmetrical and unobstructed workspace allows you to keep your cassettes, molds, and other accessories warm and at hand for a smooth workflow. Easy-to-open trays allow for efficient access to cassettes and molds, resulting in smoothly run batches.

Simple operation
The bright white LED provides contrast and specimen visibility even for transparent samples. The user-friendly magnifier, with its wide lens and straightforward positioning, helps you to embed very small and complex biopsies.

Easy to clean
The Arcadia H heated embedding workstation has an easy-to-clean metal working surface with reduced adhesion. The sturdy design of the special scraper helps clean all crevices.