A premium pipette that delivers extraordinary precision and accuracy
The Eppendorf Reference 2 mechanical air-cushion pipette with outstanding precision and accuracy is extremely reliable and robust, allowing for a long service life. With its unique single-button operation, the Reference 2 provides fast and ergonomic handling with reduced operating efforts and active aerosol reduction. The clear haptic feedback helps to avoid accidental tip ejection. Don’t compromise on quality and reproducibility – choose the Eppendorf Reference 2 to confidently pipette precious samples accurately and improve your results.
The sturdy handle manufactured with stainless steel protects the pipette from impact and in combination with spring-loaded bumpers, the Reference 2 pipette is likely to stay within calibration even if it takes a fall. These high levels of security make the Reference 2 your ideal companion in applications requiring extremely high levels of accuracy.

Fast and ergonomic single-button operation

With the precise Eppendorf Reference 2 pipette, you can benefit from reduced strain thanks to lower operating forces for aspiration, dispensing and tip ejection. Users can also experience faster operation times as there is no need to move your thumb from side to side to eject tips, meaning you can move quickly through pipetting taks. And as tips are ejected immediately following dispensing, you can benefit from a reduced aerosol contamination of the pipette.

Changing volume settings on the precise Eppendorf Reference_REG_ 2 pipette is quick and easy

User-friendly temporary adjustment option

It is important to make sure you adjust your pipette according to sample type. The Reference 2 mechanical pipette allows you to do this easily without disturbing factory settings. A temporary and simple adjustment allows for an easy alteration of your Reference 2 to perform accurate pipetting of different liquids. Recommended settings are provided in the manual and you can easily and quickly reset to the manufacturer settings.

Reference 2 woman in lab setting volume

The ideal lab companion in sterile work environments

The Reference 2 pipette can easily be taken apart, is fully autoclavable and features a smooth housing being made in one pour. This offers advantages for any researcher concerned about bacterial contamination. With its low-adhesive surface and a minimum of cavities, grooves and sliding parts, the Reference 2 is easy to decontaminate and particularly suitable for use in class A/B cleanrooms and other sterile environments.

View of parts for the Eppendorf Reference_REG_ 2 mechanical pipette

You have the choice: we offer a variety of single- and multi-channel options

Not all experiments are based on the same working conditions. Depending on the vessel type, you can choose from single-channel Reference 2 pipettes that are ideal for working with tubes and flasks, and multi-channel Reference 2 pipettes better suited for plates.

• Tubes & flasks: Single-channel choices, available as variable or fixed-volume pipettes
• 96- and 24-well plates: 8- and 12-channel pipette choices with option to deactivate the spring-loaded tip cones.

Eppendorf Reference_REG_ 2 single-channel pipette along with 8- and 12-channel choices

Fatigue-free and ergonomic pipetting

With it’s unique single-button operation, the Eppendorf Reference 2 pipette features an innovative and highly ergonomic operation concept that was designed in line with the Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept® to minimize hand and arm strain. As most other Eppendorf pipettes, the Reference 2 premium pipette is of course equipped with the spring-loaded tip cone and SOFTeject technologies from Eppendorf.

Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept_REG_ - Logo

Spring-loaded tip cone for reliable tip fit and effortless attachment

The spring-loaded tip cone saves you time and energy. With haptic feedback, all it takes is one gentle push-down for easy tip attachment. The spring limits the attachment forces and at the same time guarantees a reproducible and safe tip fit. This clever design provides increased user-to-user reproducibility and more consistent results between different lab members. All micropipettes from Eppendorf up to 1,000 µL (except Move It® 300 µL models) are equipped with the spring-loaded tip cone feature. In all Reference 2 multi-channel pipettes, the springs can easily be deactivated with an “On/Off” switch on the pipette lower part.

Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept_REG_  - Spring loaded tip cone illustration

SOFTeject reduces tip ejection forces by 50 %

All non-adjustable multi-channel pipettes from Eppendorf use the innovative SOFTeject technology to ensure that during each single tip ejection stroke, the outside tips eject before the inside tips. This is not noticeable to the user but reduces tip ejection forces by 50 %. You just lightly press the ejection button once and the tips are automatically ejected in succession.

Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept_REG_ - SOFTeject illustration