Eppendorf : Pipette Manager - Connected Pipette System


Eppendorf : Pipette Manager - Connected Pipette System

Product Information

Ease up on your pipetting routine with the Eppendorf Pipette Manager. Transmit volumes quickly, receive pipetting guidance by the software-embedded Liquid Manager when working with challenging liquids and digitally document your pipetting activities. The standalone plug'n'play system connects up to 30 Eppendorf Xplorer® electronic pipettes (any variant, incl. Move It®) and tablets.
Who doesn't enjoy greater freedom and convenience when it comes to pipetting? Be ahead of the curve! Switch to connected electronic pipettes and boost your individual pipetting skills while bringing teamwork up to a new level.

• How fast can you set the parameters in your electronic pipette? You can be faster by selecting your volume and pipetting speed via touch screen
• How accurate are your results when pipetting challenging liquids? You can be more accurate with guidance for pre-defined liquid classes
• How do you document your pipetting steps? You can be confident with digital records of your pipette activities

Redefine your pipetting routine with the Pipette Manager!



The Pipette Manager is a standalone touch server to manage Eppendorf Xplorer®, Eppendorf Xplorer® plus and Move It® electronic pipettes via WiFi technology. Enjoy faster operation, increased reproducibility and digital documentation of every step. Discover the Pipette Manager connected electronic pipette system via the digital demo tool and experience a new era of electronic pipetting.

Be faster

Quickly and easily input pipetting volumes and speeds via the Pipette Manager’s touch panel. All settings will be immediately transferred to connected electronic pipettes to start pipetting right away – no complicated pre-programming required!

Quickly input pipetting volumes and speed with the Pipette Manager. All settings will be transferred to connected electronic pipettes to work right away

Be more accurate

Let the Pipette Manager select optimal pipetting settings for you and get guidance from the software-embedded »Liquid Manager« when working with viscous, volatile and other challenging liquid types.
Choose from predefined Eppendorf liquid types, such as ethanol, enzymes/antibodies or Tween® 20 and create your own custom liquid types.

Female scientist pipetting with an Eppendorf Xplorer_REG_ connected electronic pipette managed via the Pipette Manager system

Be confident

Automatically document each pipetting step and easily export your records as a PDF file via USB. The recordings contain information such as the time, serial number of the pipette, pipetting mode, volume, and selected liquid type.

Work more closely

Manage your pipette fleet more effectively and enhance collaboration in teams. Integrated features like »Pipette Set Creation« or »Liquid Type Sharing« support smooth and efficient workflows.

Connect tablets to the Pipette Manager system to work with several users

Be up to date with software updates

Keep your Pipette Manager running smoothly with optional software updates. Our updates not only fix any bugs that may arise, but will also introduce new features to enhance your experience. Be sure to check our software downloads page regularly for new updates to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements.

Export Pipetting Records or easily update the software of your Pipette Manager via USB


  • Ideal for daily pipetting tasks with many volume changes – especially with liquids that are difficult to pipette but do not necessarily require a positive displacement system
  • Particularly well suited for sensitive analysis methods where reproducibility and the avoidance of suboptimal pipetting techniques are important
  • Liquid type Tween® 20 allows for reproducible pipetting in ELISA
  • Liquid types Enzymes/Antibodies and Triton X-100 support accurate pipetting in PCR workflows
  • Liquid type Ethanol facilitates highly accurate pipetting of volatile liquids – e.g. in nucleic acid purification
  • Pipetting Records allows for digital documentation of time, pipette(s), volume, speed, modes and liquid types – ideal in regulated environments