Product Information
Eppendorf PCR tubes are manufactured according to the highest Eppendorf quality standards. The simple design ensures an airtight seal to prevent contamination and evaporation, while also making it easy to open and close with one hand. The thin polypropylene walls of the tubes ensure efficient and homogeneous heat transfer for fast and high-quality PCR results.

When you use an Eppendorf PCR tube, you can be confident in your results, because of their ‘PCR clean’ guarantee. This means the tubes are certified free of a range of common PCR contaminants, including DNA, DNAse, RNAse, and PCR inhibitors. The PCR clean purity grade is safeguarded by its two-layer packaging consisting of resealable bags inside the outer carton. Forensic DNA grade tubes are also available, which fulfil the requirements for the ISO 18385 standard.

At Eppendorf, we take great pride in the role our company has played in the development of lab consumables, in particular the invention of the original ‘Eppi’ microcentrifuge tube more than 50 years ago. Our current PCR tubes reflect this original design, while also fulfilling the standards for today’s cutting-edge molecular biology assays.