Eppendorf - New Brunswick™ Innova® 40/40R - Benchtop Orbital Shaker


Eppendorf - New Brunswick™ Innova® 40/40R - Benchtop Orbital Shaker



Product Information
The Innova 40 and 40R (refrigerated) benchtop shakers provide years of dependable operation. This is the perfect shaker to begin working on small-scale projects with a view to increase volume or throughput. The self-supporting transparent lid allows samples to be in view all the time. The ability to shake flasks up to 3 L in such a compact benchtop unit provides clear scope to upscale and options include a drip pan and remote alarm. The simple user interface allows for easy programming of speed, temperature, time. The VisioNize box can be added to enhance monitoring and adds notifications functionality. Regular servicing can be carried out in-situ, allowing for minimized downtime.

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