Precise, safe, versatile and a dream to use over a long pipetting day!
Choose the Multipette E3 or E3x multi-dispenser pipette for all liquid types without compromising on accuracy and precision. These electronic positive displacement dispenser pipettes are ideal for stress-free, long series repetitive dispensing due to their lightweight, ergonomic design, and easy, motor driven action which reduces fatigue and the risk of repetitive strain injuries. The Multipette E3 and E3x have a wide dispensing range of 1 µL to 50 mL, 5,000 different dispensing volumes with increments as low as 100 nL and are used with Combitips® advanced positive displacement tips. With automatic tip recognition, the Multipette/Combitips system is ideal for all types of liquids, and by preventing aerosols from leaving the syringe-style tips, users can work safely with hazardous liquids and volatile solutions.
Eppendorf pioneered the Multipette/Combitips multi-dispenser system in 1978 and improved it several times since. It was the very first pipetting system allowing users to fill the tip once and dispense multiple times. The concept remains a driver for efficient liquid handling and a staple in many labs working with plates or series of tubes. From 2023, our Multipette E3 and E3x models, along with Combitips advanced dispenser tips, feature the ACT® Environmental Impact Factor Label, showcasing our dedication to eco-conscious manufacturing and assisting customers in taking environmentally informed purchase decisions.

Choose the Multipette E3x for additional operating modes compared to the E3

While the Multipette E3 already meets many application needs with its three main operating modes Dispensing, Automatic Dispensing and Pipetting, the Multipette E3x comes with four additional modes: Sequential Dispensing, Aspiration, Aspiration/Dispensing, and Titration. Both models use Combitips advanced and ensure easy, efficient and contamination-free liquid handling.

Operating modes and feature comparison of Multipette_REG__NBSP_E3 and Multipette_NBSP_E3x electronic multi-dispenser pipettes at a glance.

Dispense more accurately in a shorter time with the Multipette/Combitips system

Combitips advanced tips easily attach to the Multipette E3/E3x electronic multi-dispenser pipettes. Their built-in sensor recognizes the size of the tip, and the volume appears automatically in the display – eliminating time-consuming volume calculations and incorrect dispensing volumes. Combitips advanced are available in nine sizes, allowing a wider dispensing range of up to 112 different volumes and longer series dispensing before needing to stop for a refill.
The positive displacement principle ensures that the pipetting system is unaffected by the density or viscosity of the liquid, and because no aerosols are formed, you can more safely dispense solutions that contain radioactive and/or toxic substances, as well as solutions that have a high vapor pressure. And when finished, simply eject the tip with a push of a button, and dispose after use – always contamination-free!

Combitips_REG_ advanced tips used with the Multipette_REG__NBSP_E3/E3x multi-dispenser pipettes ensure the correct volume of liquid is dispensed, regardless of density and viscosity.

Working with highly viscous or volatile liquids?

The Multipette/Combitips system provides the perfect solution for accurate dispensing of all types of liquid. Effortlessly fill plates or long series of tubes with the Multipette E3/E3x electronic multi-dispenser pipette, while maximizing pipetting accuracy and precision with the positive displacement Combitips advanced tip. With the Eppendorf Pipette Software Update Tool you can easily update your electronic Multipette and stay up to date with the latest software improvements and new features!

The well-organized display of the Multipette_REG_ E3/E3x electronic multi-dispenser pipette from Eppendorf