Eppendorf - Move It® Adjustable Tip Spacing Pipettes - Adjustable Pipette

Eppendorf - Move It® Adjustable Tip Spacing Pipettes

Eppendorf - Move It® Adjustable Tip Spacing Pipettes - Adjustable Pipette



Double your pipetting performance
Eppendorf redefined adjustable tip spacing pipettes from scratch according to their premium standards. Move It is the result of customer requests for an efficient and safe solution for synchronous pipetting of a series of samples between different vessel formats, such as between tubes and plates. What is unique about the new Move It? It can do this without any tubing connections between cone and piston-cylinder system. This significantly enhances pipetting performance: Fewer movable, often fragile parts, means more precision and durability. Move It is autoclavable which increases user and sample safety.

One pipette – Many formats

Move It adjustable tip spacing multi-channel pipettes significantly accelerate and simplify the workflow when frequent format changes are required. Let’s get ready to move a series of samples synchronously between different vessel formats, such as between tubes and plates. The operating time is significantly less than when using single-channel pipettes. For microplates, tubes, and agarose gels, the tip spacing can be freely selected between 4.5 and 33 mm depending on the model.

Illustration highlighting the transfer of samples from tubes to a 96-well plate or agarose gel

Easy and fast tip spacing adjustment

Source and destination formats can be adjusted and locked with the format limiter which quickly switches forward and backward within the set formats. This means less concentration is required when setting the next pipetting step, saving valuable time. The format adjustment itself is carried out manually with an adjustment knob which allows for a quicker adjustment than via a motor. The format adjustment process is designed to allow the user to always maintain a relaxed body and hand position.

Adjustment knob for setting the tip distance with adjustable tip spacing pipette

Tubeless system for reliability and safety

The Eppendorf way: Move It adjustable tip spacing multi-channel pipettes work without any tubing connections between cone and piston-cylinder system. This design offers special advantages compared with conventional instruments:

• Potential problems caused by the presence of tubing, such as porosity and leaks, are not an issue here. Instead, fewer moving parts in Move It multi-channel pipettes increase precision and durability
• By eliminating tubing, the size of the air cushions is reduced to a minimum which has an additional positive effect on precision and accuracy
• Move It can be autoclaved (Research plus fully, Xplorer plus lower part only) which additionally increases user and sample-safety

Tubing-free connections of cone and piston-cylinder system in adjustable tip spacing multichannel pipette

Rotatable pipette head – 360°

An ergonomic optimization of your workplace can help to make workflows more streamlined. As Move It adjustable tip spacing multi-channel pipettes are designed without internal tubes, the pipette head is 360° rotatable. The user benefits from comfortable readability of the display. This not only supports an ergonomic and relaxed body posture. At the same time, it ensures fast identification of all parameters saving valuable time at the bench.

Adjustable tip spacing multichannel pipette head rotatable by 360 degrees

Optimal balance for a relaxed hand

Furthermore, Move It adjustable pipettes can help minimize hand and body fatigue. Encouraged by a study that showed that a good balance is more important to the user than the overall weight, Eppendorf product engineers have developed a special design concept. They replaced some inner parts of the pipette with metal parts. The result is a well-balanced and ergonomic pipette. It ensures that tips and samples are clearly visible at all times without great physical effort.

Ergonomic adjustable pipette for daily lab work

Move It selection guide

With the selection guide, it is possible to choose the right pipette for every application at a glance. Select source and destination format according to your application and then select the channel and volume-variant best suited to your application. Each variant is available as mechanical Research plus or electronic Xplorer plus pipette.

Additional benefits with the Xplorer plus Move It variants
Compared to mechanical pipettes, electronic pipettes have a number of advantages in many applications. The most important benefits of using an electronic pipette are: better ergonomics by requiring almost no operating forces, a higher precision and reproducibility and an additional efficiency gain due to various operating modes (such as e.g. pipetting and dispensing with only one tool). Furthermore, electronic instruments are the basis for digital lab solutions supporting you with choosing settings for different liquid types, collaborating across the lab or documenting steps. With the Eppendorf Pipette Software Update Tool you can easily update your electronic pipette and stay up to date with the latest software improvements and new features! Learn more at Eppendorf’s dedicated microsite about electronic pipetting.

Table for choosing the right adjustable tip spacing pipette depending on the liquid handling application

Applications: All variants:

  • Cell culture
  • Cell-based assays
  • (Real time) PCR
  • Mouse genotyping
  • Blood analysis
  • FACS analysis
  • Media transfer
  • Dilution series
  • Screening
    Research plus variants:
  • Forward pipetting
  • Reverse pipetting
  • Removal of supernatants
  • Sample mixing
  • Phase extraction
  • Filling of plates, gels, and reaction vessels
    Xplorer plus variants:
  • Automated pipetting of liquids (Pip) for forward pipetting
  • Manual pipetting (Man) for volume determination
  • Pipetting and mixing (P/M) for automated mixing of samples
  • Dispensing (Dis) for manual filling of plates, gels, and reaction vessels
  • Automatic dispensing (Ads) for automated filling of plates, gels, and reaction vessels
  • Multi aspiration (Spc): Pooling supernatants from different vessels
  • Sequential dispensing and pipetting (Spc) for user-defined volume steps
  • Reverse pipetting (Spc) for non-aqueous solutions
  • Diluting (Spc) for preparation of dilution series
  • Fix volume (Fix): Save up to 10 volumes for ease of operation