Eppendorf - MixMate®


Eppendorf - MixMate®



Straight mixing required? Mix your samples in seconds, fully and reliably. Whether in plates (96 or 384-wells) or reaction tubes, your samples will be optimally processed. With the integrated ergonomic vortex function, the MixMate is your perfect lab assistant. The innovative additional 2 second run timer allows vortexing your next sample without restarting.

Facing irregular mixing results?

Reliable sample mixing is far beyond simple mixing, especially when talking about microliter volumes. After decades of offering mixing devices, we found a way to expand reliable mixing performance to the microliter scale:

MixMate®, basic device without tube holders, 230 V/50 – 60 Hz (EU)High-speed mixer (up to 3,000 rpm) for fast and efficient mixing of small volumes in all common vessel formats up to 50 mL
2DMix-Control technology (planar mixing orbit without vertical movement) for controlled mixing and reproducible results in seconds
Anti-spill technology for controlled mixing movements without lid wetting and cross-contamination
5 different tube holders (0.5 mL, 1.5/2.0 mL, 5/15 mL, 25/50 mL, PCR 96-well plates) for high vessel flexibility
Integrated ergonomic vortex function for various vessel formats for distinct sample mixing
Minimal hand/arm vibration transfer during vortexing (certificate available) for ergonomic operation (PhysioCare Concept®)
5 soft keys with pre-defined standard mixing parameters for easy usage
Very stable – remains stationary even at maximum mixing speed
Whisper quiet operation to benefit the work environment
Catalog No. 5353000510