Eppendorf - epMotion® 5075t


Eppendorf - epMotion® 5075t



Eppendorf – epMotion® 5075t, basic device incl. Eppendorf ThermoMixer®, epBlue™ software, mouse, waste box, 100 – 240 V ±10 %/50 – 60 Hz ±5 %, 0.2 µL – 1 mL

Product Information
The epMotion 5075t automated liquid handling system includes an integrated Eppendorf ThermoMixer® module to mix, heat or cool samples and reagents. The module can be loaded and unloaded with the gripper and pipetting to the mixer is possible before and after mixing steps. The Eppendorf ThermoMixer module is fully software controlled enabling pipetting onto other worktable positions while the mixer is in operation.


Fully integrated ThermoMixer with 2DMix-Control improves yield and application results,
e.g. resuspending bacteria pellets or magnetic beads. Peltier element for heating and cooling
of sample and/or reagents. The following epMotion versions are equipped with ThermoMixer capability, M5073, 5075t, 5075m, 5075vt. A ThermoMixer upgrade product is available
for epMotion 5075l, 5075v, and successor versions 5075LH and 5075VAC.Same as 5075l, plus
Integrated Eppendorf ThermoMixer with 2DMix-Control technology
Temperature control range 15 °C below RT to 95 °C
Automatic fixing of labware for mixing up to 2,000 rpm
Pipetting at standard positions during shaking
14.5 deck positions, 14 SLAS/ANSI plus small position for special reagent reservoir rack (3 reservoirs)
2 thermal module options
Integrated LEDs for visual feedback of system status like idle, run in progress or run finished
Catalog No. 5075000302