Eppendorf - epMotion® 5075t NGS solution

Eppendorf - epMotion® 5075t NGS solution


The epMotion 5075 NGS solution includes everything to start automated NGS library preparation. The basic system is an epMotion 5075t with an integrated Eppendorf ThermoMixer® to mix, heat or cool samples and reagents, and a thermal module on deck position C2 for additional temperature control. A gripper for labware transport and 2x single- and 2x 8-channel pipetting tools to cover a volume range from 1 to 300 µL. Next Generation Sequencing specific accessories (Thermoblock 96 OC, 2 x Thermoadapter 96-well, Rack ILMN tubes, ReservoirRack, Eppendorf Magnet Adapter FLX, waste bag holder) are included, plus NGS specific consumables (Eppendorf twin.tec® PCR Plate 96 semi-skirted, epT.I.P.S.® Motion pipette tips as reload system with filter PCR clean 50 µL & 300 µL plus boxes and clips, LiquidWasteTub 400 mL, 30 mL reservoirs, waste bags). The epMotion 5075 NGS solution liquid handling robot is available from stock with and without CleanCap option in all different voltage versions.


Fully integrated ThermoMixer with 2DMix-Control improves yield and application results, e.g. resuspending bacteria pellets or magnetic beads. Peltier element for heating and cooling of sample and/or reagents. The following epMotion versions are equipped with ThermoMixer capability, M5073, 5075t, 5075m, 5075vt. A ThermoMixer upgrade product is available for epMotion 5075l, 5075v, and successor versions 5075LH and 5075VAC.

Sample preparation for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

involves extensive manual processing, is highly time-consuming and needs intense concentration. Eppendorf epMotion Liquid Handling systems are important tools for labs that want to significantly increase throughput and consistency of results. The automation of labor-intensive steps in NGS sample prep, like pipetting, mixing, temperature control and magnetic separation brings about a standardized and streamlined process, with significantly reduced hands-on time and minimization of pipetting errors.

Same as 5075t, plus
Industry-proven, large repertoire of manufacturer and customer qualified Next Generation Sequencing methods enables sequencing results comparable or better to those from manual preparation
Intelligent Tool Selection automatically decides which tools (single or 8-channel) to use for fastest run time – ideal when sample numbers change frequently or are not a multiple-of-8
Optimized bead clean-up on magnetic plate adapter to prevent carryover contamination
Email notification option keeps you informed about the status of your library prep run
Increased stacking capabilities for plates and tip boxes for more efficient use of deck space
Integrated, high-performance ThermoMixer and thermal module allow for efficient mixing and reliable temperature control
CleanCap option provides UV decontamination and HEPA air filter to protection samples from contaminations
Automating Next Generation Sequencing library preparation using epMotion provides reproducible results due to its outstanding pipetting accuracy (0.31 % at 1 µL) and precision (1.97 % at 1 µL) and by eliminating the risk of pipetting errors
Integrated LEDs for visual feedback of system status like idle, run in progress or run finished
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