Eppendorf - epMotion® 5073t


Eppendorf - epMotion® 5073t



Product Information
The epMotion 5073t: 2 systems in one liquid handling robot. First, a perfect system for automated nucleic acid purification. The MultiCon PC provide simple operation. Secondly, it is a flexible system for automating time-consuming and complex pipetting procedures with the epBlue™ software, making routine Liquid Handling tasks easier than ever. The pipetting procedure is more precise, reproducible and fully standardized, making your workplace more ergonomic and safer.

Reuse Tips Feature

The new epMotion systems can reuse tips as e.g. economical choice for multiple wash steps
of the same well. Here special epT.I.P.S. Motion SafeRack tips are recommended. Pipette tips
will be placed back into the position of the box they were removed from. Returned tips will be reused within an application for the same source vessel.

› Individual compartments in rack to avoid cross-contamination between used tips
› Available as standard and PCR clean quality for 50, 300 and 1000 µL