Eppendorf - Easypet® 3 - Electronic Pipette Controller

Eppendorf - Easypet® 3 - Electronic Pipette Controller
Eppendorf - Easypet® 3 - Electronic Pipette Controller

Product Information

Looking to simplify your manual liquid handling tasks in cell culture and other applications? The Easypet 3 electronic pipette controller from Eppendorf gives you precision and complete speed control, making it ideal for serial dispensing and resuspending bacterial or cell pellets. Easypet 3 can be used with all types of serological and volumetric pipettes from volumes of 0.1 –  100 mL.



Experience total control with the Easypet 3
Make your liquid handling tasks easier with the Easypet 3 light-weight electronic pipette controller. Weighing only 160 g, its ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, giving you utmost precision without pipetting fatigue. Designed to work in perfect harmony with your 1 –  50 mL Eppendorf Serological Pipets, Easypet 3 enables easy serial dispensing of different aliquot volumes. Its excellent speed adjustment allows for an optimized gravity drain option that assures dispensing without splashing, making the Easypet 3 comfortable, precise, and safe.

Powerful motor and backlit battery status display

The Easypet 3 features an excellent speed adjustment allowing for easy dispensing of liquid without splashing. The powerful motor delivers efficient performance to speed up large volume pipetting while also providing the utmost control for smaller volumes. Vibrant backlit LEDs provide optical feedback of the remaining battery life.

The Easypet_REG_ 3 from Eppendorf features an intuitive battery status display

Easypet 3 and Eppendorf Serological Pipets

The Easypet 3 is designed to work best with Eppendorf Serological Pipets. Individually wrapped and packaged to ensure consistent premium quality, Eppendorf Serological Pipets have precise graduations overlaid on the ultraclear pipette material, so reading volumes is quick and easy.
Easypet 3 may however also be used with all other types of serological and volumetric pipettes from volumes of 0.1 –  100 mL.

Color coded serological pipettes, view 2